About us

Elaine Gleason is a New Orleans native with classical arts training from the Universities of Arizona and Georgia as well as the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art.

Over the past two decades, Elaine has practiced as an independent artist, with an active and growing portfolio in painting, sculpture, and artistically inspired homewares.

Composition objectives focus on creating meaningful, impactful, and inspirational works to distinctively ornament interior spaces with a fashionable repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary.

Motifs are inspired from many sources, including the natural world, the mystical, the metaphysical, history, and philosophy. Stylistic influences include contrasts between ancient and modern; occidental and oriental; abstract and concrete.

Above all, it is my purpose to compose artwork that graces, inspires, and comforts the viewer, instilling a sense of wonder and delight, complimenting and enriching their environment with imaginative and thoughtful art.